Banking System

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Use the power of ATMs and other features to improve your server's economy.

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  • Fully UI based, no commands
  • 6 diffrent ATMs and 2 diffrent cards
  • ATM Cracker for illegal activities
  • Tax for paying (/pay) without the ATM or cash to improve roleplay (optinal)
  • Multicolored chat messages
  • Easy and fast setup
  • Sound effects
  • Account History (list of your money transfer like: sending, receiving, etc)
  • Experience as balance (no Uconomy required) (optinal)
  • Experience as Cash (Instead of items like a $100 note) (optinal)
  • Multiple user accounts (optinal)
  • Individual accounts for each player character (optinal)
  • Tax will be paid to a specific account or to a group account once added (optional)
  • Group accounts (optinal) (maybe)
  • Choosable difficulty for the ATM Cracker (higher difficulty = more money but takes more time)
  • Card scanner for cashiers to transfer money more easily
  • Custom cash that can be placed and pickup up with left punch


Everyting has been implemented



Left punch is all you need

  • open ATM --> Left punch
  • open ATM Cracker --> Left punch
  • open Card Scanner --> Left punch
  • pickup Cash --> Left punch


Place your card on the ATM (card slot) and open it with left punch.

ATM Cracker:

Place your ATM Cracker on a ATM and open it with left punch.



Simply place the ATMs ingame on your map, add the database login in the config and you're done

If you want to transfer your old uconomy accounts to the Banking System plugin use the command /dbsync.


  • 9880 (Standalone ATM)
  • 9881 (Wall ATM 1)
  • 9882 (Wall ATM 2)
  • 9883 (Standalone Sign ATM)
  • 9884 (Wall Sign ATM 1)
  • 9885 (Wall Sign ATM 2)



  • useUconomyAsBalance: Use regular Uconomy as balance instead of the Banking System database (it will disable group and multiple user accounts) (default: false).

  • useExpAsBalance: Use exp as balance and instead of a database (default: false).

  • enableGroupAccounts: Use group accounts (default: true).

  • enableMulipleUserAccounts: Use multiple user accounts (default: true).

Following Not needed when you use useExpAsBalance.

  • databaseAddress: Address of your database (default:

  • databasePort: Port of your database (default: 3306).

  • databaseName: Name of your database (default: unturned).

  • databaseUsername: Username of your database (default: username).

  • databasePassword: Password of your database (default: password).


  • posBalanceHexColor: Color for positive balance (default: #08DDA8).

  • negBalanceHexColor: Color for negative balance (default: #FF3C3C).

  • startBalance: Start balance for your first account (default: 25).

  • iconUrl: Url for the chat icon (default:

  • moneySymbol: Symbol to represent your money (default: $).

  • notifyActiveAccountBalanceChanges: Should a chat message be send when the balance changes (default: true).

  • notifyOwnerCardScannerPayment: Should a chat message be send to the owner of a card scanner when a transfer happened (default: true).

  • allowCashPunchPickup: Can placed cash be picked up with left punch (default: true).

  • openingDistance: Opening distance for all devices (default: 3).

  • cardRemoveRange: Range after which the card will be removed (default: 5).

  • onlyAllowCardsForBankingSystem: Should cards only be placeable on Banking System objects (default: false).

  • allowedDamagePermission: Permission that allows you to damage Banking System objects (default: bankingsystem.allowed_damage).

  • taxForPayWithoutATM: Should tax be used (default: true).

  • taxAmount: Amount for tax (default: 0.1).

  • useTaxAccount: Use a created account to pay the tax to (default: true).

  • taxAccountID: Account to pay tax to (default: YOUR_TAX_ACCOUNT_ID).

  • maxMultipleUserAccountsPerUser: Max multiple user accounts a player can have (default: 5).

  • maxCreatedGroupAccountsPerUser: Max group accounts a player can create (default: 5).

  • bankNotes: List of bank notes (descending).

    It's declared like this:

	<bankNote name="$100">


  • atmUIID: default UI ID (default: 9860).

  • atmHomeUIID: Home UI ID (default: 9861 - 9863).

  • atmAccountsUIID: Account list UI ID (default: 9864 - 9867).

  • atmAccountsSelectUIID: Account list select UI ID (default: 9868 - 9870).

  • atmInfoUIID: Info UI ID (default: 9871 - 9873).

  • atmUsersUIID: Users UI ID (default: 9874).

  • atmChangeNameUIID: Change Name UI ID (default: 9875).

  • atmInvalidUIID: Invalid UI ID (default: 9876).

  • atmConfirmUIID: Confirm UI ID (default: 9877).

  • atmAccountUIID: Account UI ID (default: 9878).

  • atmWithdrawUIID: Withdraw UI ID (default: 9879).

  • atmDepositUIID: Deposit UI ID (default: 9880).

  • atmTransferUIID: Transfer UI ID (default: 9881).

  • atmHistoryUIID: History UI ID (default: 9882).

  • atmCreateUIID: Create UI ID (default: 9883).

  • atmIDs: List of ATM IDs.

    It's declared like this:

  • atmCardIDs: List of Card IDs (default: 9887, 9888).

    It's declared like this:


Card Scanner:

  • cardScannerPayUIID: Pay UI ID (default: 9890).

  • cardScannerSetupUIID: Setup UI ID (default: 9891).

  • cardScannerSelectUIID: Pay UI ID (default: 9892 - 9894).

  • cardScannerIDs: List of Card Scanner IDs.

    It's declared like this:


ATM Cracker:

  • atmCrackerID: ID for the ATM Cracker (default: 9886).

  • atmCrackerUIID: ATM Cracker UI ID (default: 9896).

  • atmCrackerInvalidUIID: Invalid ATM Cracker UI ID (default: 9897).

  • atmCrackerHackTimeSecs: Time how long it takes to hack a ATM in seconds (default: 600).

  • atmDisabledTimeAfterHackSecs: Time how long a ATM is disabled after a hack (default: 600).

  • policePermission: Permission needed to receive the police chat messages (default: bankingsystem.police).

  • minPoliceForHack: Minimal amount of police man needed to be online to start a hack (default: 1).

  • markHackedAtmOnMap: Should the hacked ATM be marked for police man (default: false).

  • atmCrackerDifficulties: List of difficulties for the ATM Cracker.

It's declared like this:

      <cashoutRange from="100" to="200" />


You can get the API version here.

A documentation can be found here.


You want a custom plugin, have questions on the product or report a bug? Feel free to contact me ;)

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This plugin is amazing! only downfall is if you have npcs you have to change them if u add this plugin later into the server :( other than that its easy to set up, its simple, and makes rp way more fun!

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I have no words to describe this plugin... Just one word, amazing!

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otimo pluguin.

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