Advanced Binds

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Advanced Binds

This plugin allows you to bind commands/messages to hotkeys and gestures.
This plugin also provides an expression system to allow for dynamic binds, e.g., a bind to heal the player you are looking at, or teleport to the nearest town/city.


Bind commands and messages to keys/gestures (25 keys and gestures).
Create dynamic binds, using 'dynamic components', which can generate messages/commands when you run them, or modify how they run. (e.g., Heal the player your looking at, send a message to group chat, ect.).


Command Syntax Description
BindCommand BindCommand [Key/Gesture] [Message/Command] Binds a command to the key/message.
Unbind Unbind [Key/Gesture] Removes any bind associated with that key/gesture
UnbindAll UnbindAll Removes all keybinds.
Binds Binds (Key/Gesture) Displays all active keybinds, or checks a key for keybinds.


All dynamic bind components have individual permissions. This allows you to limit or restrict certain dynamic bind components to different groups. You can disable certain dynamic bind components in the config. Limit chat modes in config. (E.g., Limit messages to group chat, or group and area chat).

Bindable Keys/Gestures

Key Description Default
Jump The jump key. Spacebar
LPunch Left Punch button. Mouse 1
RPunch Right Punch button. Mouse 2
Crouch The crouch key. Ctrl
Prone The prone key. Z
Sprint The sprint key. Shift
LeanLeft The left lean key. Q
LeanRight The right lean key. E
CodeHotkey1 Misc re-mappable key ,
CodeHotkey2 Misc re-mappable key. .
CodeHotkey3 Misc re-mappable key. /
CodeHotkey4 Misc re-mappable key. ;
Inventory_Start Occurs when opening your inventory.
Inventory_Stop Occurs when closing your inventory.
Pickup Occurs when picking up an item.
Surrender_Start Occurs when surrendering.
Surrender_Stop Occurs when you stop surrendering.
Point The point gesture.
Wave The wave gesture.
Salute The salute gesture.
Arrest_Start Occurs when being arrested.
Arrest_Stop Occurs when being freed.
Rest_Start Occurs when entering the rest gesture.
Rest-Stop Occurs when exiting the rest gesture.
Facepalm The facepalm gesture.

Dynamic Bind Components

  • %~Component %
  • %~Component . Parameter %
  • %~Component . Parameter : Range %
Component Aliases Parameters Usage
Caller C
  • ID - The caller's Steam 64 ID
  • Pos - The caller's coordinates.
  • X - The caller's x coordinate
  • Y - The caller's y coordinate
  • Z - The caller's z coordinate
  • *Empty* - The caller's player name
Provides info about the player who ran the keybind. I.E., you.
Player P
  • ID - The player's Steam64 ID
  • SteamName - The player's Steam Name.
  • CharacterName - The player's Character Name
  • *Empty* - The player's Display Na,e
Provides info about the player you are looking at.
Node N
  • Pos - The node's XYZ Coordinates
  • X - The node's x coordinate
  • Y - The node's y coordinate
  • Z - The node's z coordinate
  • Name - The node's name
  • *Empty* - The node's name
Provides info on the closest location node to you.
Bearing B *N/A* Provides your current bearing, as shown on a compass.
ChatMode Mode, M
  • Global - Selects global chat mode
  • Local - Selects local/area chat mode
  • Group - Selects group chat mode
  • *Empty* - Returns the current chat mode
Changes the chat mode for a message.
Trigger T
  • Name - The key/gesture's name
  • ID - The key/gesture's numerical ID
  • *Empty* - Same as Name
Provides info on the key/gesture that triggered the keybind.

More dynamic components will be added throughout this plugin's life cycle.


Permission Parameters Description
AdvancedBinds.Component.All Provides access to all dynamic keybind components for keybinds.
AdvancedBinds.Component.Component The name of the component. Provides access to the dynamic component in binds.
AdvancedBinds.ChatMode.ChatMode Global, Local, or Group Provides permission to use the specified chat mode. At least one chat mode must be permitted.


/BindCommand LPunch /Boom
Runs /boom when you press left click. This is not tied to your punch, this can be activated mid-punch, and when holding an item

/BindCommand Wave Hello there!
Says "Hello there!" in chat when you wave.

BindCommand Wave Hello, %~P%!
Says "Hello, PlayerName!" in chat, where PlayerName is the name of the player you are looking at.

/BindCommand Salute /Freeze %~P.ID%
Toggles freeze on the player you are looking at. Here, the command is formatted as /Freeze [Player ID] This is activated when you use the salute gesture.

/BindCommand CodeHotKey1 /Duty
Toggles duty when the CodeHotkey1 button is pressed. This key defaults to comma, and can be re-mapped in Unturnd's controls.

BindCommand Point %~ChatMode.Group% Player spotted, bearing %~B% degrees, near %~Node.Name%.
This bind will send "Player spotted, bearing (degrees) degrees, near (Location Name)" to group chat. This might look like "Player spotted, bearing 126 degrees, near Seattle" once formatted.

/BindCommand LPunch /kill %~P.ID:10%
This bind will kill the player you punch at, given they are within 10m of you. With the Player component, if no player is found, the bind will fail.

User Reviews

Great plugin(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) - Dec 23, 2021

I'm surprised this doesn't have more reviews because its really useful. I do wish that your binds would persist through relogging/server reboots and that you could bind multiple commands to one trigger though.

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