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Allow players to report rulebreakers directly to Discord!


  • Allows players to report rule breakers and upload it to a webhook via Discord!
  • Alert staff members currently on the Rust server!
  • Upload useful reporter information right to the webhook!
  • Optimized, meaning no lag on the server!
  • Completely configurable!


  • /report <player> <reason>


  • - Access to the /report command
  • rustreports.alert - Alert online staff member of the report


This plugin and it's messages are completely configurable! Click here to see the config, and here for the translation! A sample of a report can be found here!

The translations for the Discord webhook can have placeholder values that will be changed to the specified value. Here's the list of placeholder values that you can use, feel free to suggest more!

  • %reason%
  • %targetName%
  • %targetId%
  • %targetLocation%
  • %targetHealth%
  • %targetMaxHealth%
  • %targetIp%
  • %targetPing%
  • %playerName%
  • %playerId%
  • %playerLocation%
  • %playerHealth%
  • %playerMaxHealth%
  • %playerIp%
  • %playerPing%

This plugin needs a Discord webhook to be setup, tutorial on how to setup a webhook can be found here! After you created it, simply set WebhookUrl to it!


If you need some help, feel free to contact me on Discord! Johnanater#6836

Or send me an email at [email protected]!

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