Floating Players

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Floating Players v0.1.4

Allows players to auto float on the sea surface. Useful when players have to go AFK while swimming.


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General Use and Overview


  • floatingplayers.use -- allows using the /float command.

Chat Commands

  • /float -- toggles auto floating.


  "Config": {
    "Plugin - Enabled": true,
    "Allow Only Surface Floating": true


  "NoPermission": "You don't have permission to use this command",
  "FloatingEnabled": "<size=13><color=#ffc300>Auto Floating</size></color>\n<size=12>You are now auto floating</size>",
  "SurfaceLevelNeeded": "<size=13><color=#ffc300>Auto Floating</size></color>\n<size=12>You have to be on the surface to auto float</size>"


You'll auto float as long as you don't move. Otherwise, moving from your place will disable it.

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