Admin Punch

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The perfect and most satisfying tool to punish and troll cheaters before banning them, inspired by Camomo!

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  • Prevents running the excavator
  • Prevents researching blueprints
  • Prevents reloading the weapon
  • Prevents looting corpses of other players
  • Prevents dealing damage to other players
  • Prevents recycling components and items
  • Prevents looting crates in monuments and roads
  • Prevents refining low-grade fuel using oil refineries
  • Prevents gathering resources such as ores and trees
  • Prevents selling or buying through vending machines
  • Prevents unlocking blueprints and using workbenches
  • Prevents maintaining the base upkeep and accessing tool cupboards
  • Throws the ranged and melee weapons when trying to shoot or hit others with them


  • adminpunch.use -- Allows punishing cheaters


  • punch <Steam ID / Player Name> -- Punches the cheater and adds him to the punishment list
  • punch remove <Steam ID / Player Name> -- Removes the cheater from the punishment list


  "Protect Admins": false,
  "Silent Punishment": false,
  "Notify Upon Start Punishment": true,
  "Punishment - Disable Healing": true,
  "Punishment - Disable Using Recycler": true,
  "Punishment - Disable Using Workbench": true,
  "Punishment - Disable Using Oil Refinery": true,
  "Punishment - Disable Using Tool Cupboard": true,
  "Punishment - Disable Using Research Table": true,
  "Punishment - Disable Using Vending Machine": true,
  "Punishment - Disable Looting Crates": true,
  "Punishment - Disable Looting Corpses": true,
  "Punishment - Disable Looting Excavator": true,
  "Punishment - Disable Resources Gathering": true,
  "Punishment - Disable Weapon Damage": true,
  "Punishment - Weapon Fail Shot": true,
  "Punishment - Weapon Fail Reload": true,
  "Weapon - Fail Shot Chance": 50,
  "Weapon - Fail Reload Chance": 50


  "WrongCommand": "You entered the command in a wrong way",
  "PlayerNotFound": "No player found",
  "PlayerIsAdmin": "You can't punish an admin",
  "PlayerAdded": "{0} added to the punch list",
  "PlayerRemoved": "{0} removed from the punch list",
  "PlayerExistInList": "{0} already exists in the punch list",
  "PlayerDoesNotExistInList": "{0} is not in the punch list",
  "PunishStarted": "[EAC] Temporary Server Punishment",
  "PunishmentMessageDamageOtherPlayers": "Invalid shot",
  "PunishmentMessageResourceGather": "Not enough space in inventory",
  "PunishmentMessageLootingCrates": "Not enough space in inventory",
  "PunishmentMessageUsingWorkbench": "Missing crafting materials",
  "PunishmentMessageUsingOilRefinery": "Oil refinery is busy",
  "PunishmentMessageUsingRecycler": "Recycler is busy",
  "PunishmentMessageUsingResearchTable": "Not enough scrap",
  "PunishmentMessageUsingToolCupboard": "Tool cupboard is locked",
  "PunishmentMessageUsingVendingMachine": "Nothing for sale",
  "PunishmentMessageLootingExcavators": "You can't loot the giant excavator",
  "PunishmentMessageLootingCorpses": "You can't loot the corpse",
  "PunishmentMessageHealingSelf": "You are in full health",
  "PunishmentMessageReloadWeapon": "Weapon reload failed, wrong ammo type",
  "PunishmentMessageWeaponDrop": "Weapon broke"

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